Our Plan

Our programs are designed to

  • Analyse current eating habits, patterns and fuelling systems
  • Take the individual back to the basics of food in order to reset the body’s base level for nutrition analysis
  • Study any carbohydrate intolerances as foods are re-introduced to the body and find the optimal quantity of natural carbohydrates for the individual, dependent upon activity level and overall fitness
  • Work on possible resolution of digestive issues by identifying reactive foods and finding alternative options
  • Educate the individual on what effects foods have on their body, how to read the signals that their body is sending them and how to remedy any unavoidable lapses
  • Develop a positive outlook towards food and the mental tools to remove negative impact from others 

Initial Consultation

All cards on the table, talk around you and details on the next phase


Analysis Phase

Analysis of results post ‘Two Week Reset’ and re-introduction phase


Profiling Phase

Profiling for dietry requirements and setting macros


Profiling Phase

Profiling for dietry and activity requirements and setting macros



Follow up consultation with plan tweaks


Thanks to Sarah my life is so much better

Jane J

Are you ready to feel better and enjoy food

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